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Training programme on deciphering and preparing critical edition of unpublished medical Manuscripts


Brief Description of the Programme

FRLHT is embarking on conducting a Training programme on deciphering and preparing critical edition of unpublished medical Manuscripts.  This programme is targeted towards those who are genuinely interested in knowing more about ancient Indian medical heritage, especially the literary aspect, its preservation and propagation. 

 Duration of the Course

The duration of the course will be two moths.  The exact dates will be intimated to the selected candidates.  The course is slated to be held during the months of August and September 2010 tentatively.

 Brief focus of the Course

1.      Training in different ancient scripts used in medical mss like Grantha, Malayalam, Sharada and Newari.

2.      Training in Manuscriptology with focus on medical manuscripts

3.      A specific medical manuscript (or part thereof) will be given to each of the candidates who will be trained in deciphering, editing and if possible translating the same into certain language(s).

 Eligibility criteria

1.      Curators / Researchers of various institutions having manuscripts collections

2.      Lecturers / Faculty members of various colleges of Ayurveda

3.      Students / Researchers / Practitioners of Ayurveda who have completed BAMS Degree and are interested in research work

4.      Others who do not fall under any of the above categories, but having genuine interest in the present topic and who apply and obtain prior written permission from FRLHT to attend the course

 Facilities provided

      Those selected to attend the training programme will be provided free boarding and lodging and other basic facilities at the campus of FRLHT. 

      Course material specifically prepared for this purpose will be provided to all the participants free of cost. 

      Those selected to participate will be considered to be ‘On duty’ from the respective institutions, and attendance certificate to that effect will be given by FRLHT.

      Travelling allowance (limited to II AC Train fare) to and from the location of the course will be reimbursed to participants on producing documentary evidence of the same.

      A participation certificate will be given to those who complete the course successfully.

      Participants will be assessed for quality and quantity of efforts they put in to learn and understand the contents of the course and the top three participants will be given special prizes and certificates of merit.

Conduct expected of the attendees of the Course

      Attendees of the course are expected to have genuine interest in the course.

      They are expected to approach the topic with sincerity and seriousness.

      All the classes are to be compulsorily attended by all candidates who have been selected for the same.  Permission to skip classes will be granted only in deserving cases or emergencies at the sole discretion of the Chief Coordinator of the course.

      Discontinuation of the course midway is strictly prohibited.

      Candidates are expected to maintain decorum and dignity during the entire period of the course.


Further opportunities of the attendees of the Course

      Attendees of the course who successfully complete the course and show exceptional talent and inclination in deciphering medical manuscripts and preparing critical editions etc will be considered for employment in FRLHT.

      Efforts will also be made to get placements for such candidates in prestigious institutions in India or abroad.


How to Apply

Candidates interested in attending the course are suggested to download the application form from the website, or use the same given below and register for the course by sending the same by email as well as by post along with the endorsement of the head of the institution stating that the institution will spare the services of the candidate for the duration of course (approximately two months) in the prescribed proforma enclosed herewith.


For further details contact:

Dr. M.A. Alwar,


Medical Manuscripts Training Programme

FRLHT, Bangalore

Telefax: 080 – 28562948

Email: m.a.alwar@gmail.com

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